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There are many factors to consider when choosing your veil. Here are a few suggestions:
By The Veil Shop, SE Qld
15 December 2008


At The Veil House, we aim to make the process of choosing your wedding veil as simple as possible whilst offering expert friendly advice whether you choose to design your own or find one in our collection. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing your veil.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Your Dress    The general rule here is that if your dress is heavily embellished with either beading or lace, you would go with a simpler veil; conversely, if your dress is quite plain, you can choose to have a very detailed veil.  If your dress is a full tulle skirt for example, you may want to avoid a four tier veil which will just add extra width to you and may make it hard to see the dress from the rear.   If you are having an off the shoulder style, you may wish to choose a shoulder length veil to accentuate this area.
  • Length   This will depend on the length of your dress.  If your dress has a hem detail you would like to show, then your veil may finish just above the hem.  If the veil has a hem detail you wish to see, then it will be longer than your dress.  Cathedral length dresses usually require a cathedral or chapel length veil to suit.  Standard veil lengths are measured from the longest layer (or tier) and come in shoulder (50cm), waist (80cm), fingertip (115cm), waltz or floor length (180cm), chapel (230cm) and cathedral (280cm).  Custom lengths are also available.
  • Cut   Veils come in many shapes and cuts.  Standard cut veils have two or more separate layers joined at the top, so the edges of the veil go up the sides beside your face.   Circular, square and diamond cut veils are cut from the one large piece of fabric, folded over and gathered in the centre at the fold.  The sides of the veil are formed by the fold.  Circular veils have a rounded edge at the bottom, diamond cut veils are v shaped with the point in the centre of the body and square cut veils are straight along the bottom with the corners on each side of your body.
  • LayersStandard and diamond cut veils come in 1, to 4 layers although two layer veils are most common.  Due to the way they are cut, circular and square veils can only come in 2 or 4 layers.  If you want the veil to cover your face you will need at least a two layer veil.  Diamond cut veils are not designed to be worn over the face.  Keep in mind the more layers a veil has will make it harder to see through from the back, so if you wish your dress to be seen from behind, then a 4 layer veil may not be the best choice
  • Fullness  You can choose how gathered you want your veil to be.  Usually, veils come in light gathers (54' wide tulle) medium gathers (76' wide) and full gathers (108' wide).  If you are having a layer over your face, full gathers may make it hard to see through and also may obscure your face.  Also the more layers you have, the poufier your veil will be.  There is also the option of having no gathers for a sheer look.

As a veil designer, I specialize in custom orders, based on your style of dress and your individual needs and ideas.  Working closely with the bride (and sometimes Mum and the bridesmaids), together we can create a one off design to suit, or choose one off the rack. 

Everything can be organised via email, or if you are in Brisbane, you can bring your dress along to my studio and design your veil on the spot.   All my veils are made to order using the finest quality bridal illusion tulle.

I have a unique range of hand beaded veils and the majority of my orders are custom hand beaded designs. I have over 18 years experience making wedding veils so there is no limit to what I can create for you. 

Please visit my website or call Jenni direct on 0400 930 470 to discuss your needs further.